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Whizzed Net is a World Educational Blog for UNESCO World Heritage Sites, featuring articles on landmarks, wildlife, famous historical monuments, tourist attractions, and society. Enhance your next assignment with an illustrated knowledge blog before moving on. Share it with your family and friends.

Life is beautiful when you discover its true beauty. Beauty can be found in every part of the world. All you have to do is see everything in a beautiful light, and everything will be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

The early morning dew drop with a ray of sunlight, the same white flower in your courtyard, and the yellow pages of your old book are as beautiful as the snow-capped Everest Mountain or the tiny islands in the deep blue sea.

Beauty surrounds you no matter where you are, whether in the midst of chaotic slums or in the dark green forest; in an ultramodern planned city or in a small village in any mountain valley. Let’s feel it, love it, live it, and “Get Lost” in it!

Our Goal:

  1. To take you to some spectacularly remote locations.
  2. To give you a taste of adventure in a safe environment.
  3. To give you some tastes of adventure in a very safe way.
  4. To provide you with an exotic experience of happiness.
  5. To assist you in experiencing the true culture, food, and life of any destination.
  6. To show you the true beauty of the world and to inspire you to say, “Let’s Go!”

It is the mature concept of a Bohemian team who spent almost their entire lives wandering around the world, capturing all the moments of fantasy while crossing so many land borders, that inspired people to appreciate the true beauty of their surroundings. Time has come to introduce this idea to the entire world.

After all the miles we’ve traveled, the cultures we’ve seen, the nature we’ve felt, and the things we’ve made, we feel compelled to share what we’ve learned and start a tradition of travel, photography, and adventure.

We are able to guide a traveler to the right place to see the true beauty of this mother earth and feel its true perfection to capture it inside the photo frame after crossing over 200,000 miles (approx 321,869 km), 100 destinations, and 30 land borders.

After taking in the splendor of so many aspects of this incredible world, we came to the realization that we ought to initiate a project of very high moral standing that would contribute to illuminating those aspects of beauty that are typically hidden from the public eye to admirers of aesthetics.

We can take you somewhere, in some strange and exotic corner of any destination, where you can sit in true peace, watch the unspoken beauty and capture incredible photos, where poetry and painting are a part of nature, and where you can do some once-in-a-lifetime adventures that will inspire you to say, “Life Is Beautiful.” We all get lost from time to time, but now we’re here to take you away from your daily cup of tea and say, “Let’s Get Lost.”

Why was Whizzed Net created?

There are millions of travel blogs all over the world that can provide you with a taste of travel to historical places and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Everyone has a valid point of view. Similarly, we grew up with some distinct and innovative characteristics that you may find appealing.

Global travelers in the 21st century get different packages than before. For those who enjoy traveling in an adventurous manner and photographing lively subjects, we have a wide range of exclusive and exotic tour information.

We take you somewhere where you can feel the real culture of that place, see the real life of that area, and get all of the magnificent camera shots for your valuable album. We strive to provide you with all of the unknown flavors of any well-known destination. That is what distinguishes us.

Whizzed Net is a World Educational Blog for UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with information about landmarks and wildlife that will enrich your travels and make it easier to capture authentic, untamed pictures. Let us explain our concept of landmarks in more detail.

Henderson Island and Niagara Falls are excellent illustrations of these differences. Henderson Island is a UNESCO site, but it is not a tourist destination due to travel restrictions. Conversely, Niagara Falls is a well-known tourist attraction but not a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Consequently, both Henderson Island and Niagara Falls serve as landmarks for us in their own unique ways. And we promise to keep you apprised of all these distinctions as they arise.

Amitava Ray, who writes most of our blog posts and owns this blog, is a long-experienced photographer and a blogger. It is an extremely unusual occurrence to find a photographer who also writes blog posts. Even well-known websites do not have this combination of both.

We have noticed that articles on popular websites are often written by professional writers in most cases. As a result of their high web rankings, popular online blogs easily engage in foul play with viewers and search engines. They even provide travel advice in abandoned areas where travel is strictly prohibited. We can use Henderson Island as an example of this. That is not going to take place on Whizzed Net under any circumstances. Here you will get first-hand information. You’ll benefit more from it in the right ways.

“Let’s Get Lost” is our slogan because we want to take you to any unusual location at any common destination and help you lose yourself in a different fantasy world where you can experience true happiness in a safe and adventurous way.

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