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Sikkim travel and tourism. Adventure tour and trips. Photo tales of famous and hidden places. It is a state in northeast India, bordered by Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal. Part of the Himalayas, the area has a dramatic landscape that includes India’s highest mountain, 8,586 m Kanchenjunga. This is also home to glaciers, alpine meadows and thousands of varieties of wildflowers. Steep paths lead to hilltop Buddhist monasteries.

Enchey Monastery

Enchey Monastery Pathway R3247
Enchey Monastery, established in 1909 above Gangtok, Sikkim, is a significant Buddhist monastery belonging to the Nyingma order of Vajrayana Buddhism. It is situated on a hill ridge with panoramic views of the Kanchendzonga range. The monastery’s sacredness is linked to the belief that protective deities reside there. Legend has it that Guru Padmasambhava subdued powerful spirits at this site. The monastery is adorned with images of deities and has a large prayer hall featuring intricate paintings and murals.