Day March 5, 2023

Khonsu Temple

Khonsu Temple Relief of Karnak Temple Egypt
The Khonsu Temple, located in the southwest corner of the Karnak Temple complex in Luxor Governorate, Egypt, is a remarkable archaeological site dedicated to the deity Khonsu, the son of Amun and Mut. This temple stands in confrontation with Luxor Temple and is connected to it by a recently revealed avenue of sphinxes. The Khonsu Temple, constructed during the reign of Ramses III, approximately 1186–1155 BC, was primarily built to honor Khonsu, the moon god and a member of the Theban triad, which includes his parents, Amun and Mut. Ramses III undertook the construction of this temple by demolishing a previous structure that occupied the site, utilizing some of its stones in the new temple’s construction. Here's a detailed overview of the Khonsu Temple: