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Pyramid Facts

Facts About Pyramids in Egypt
The Egyptian pyramids were built with so much care and precision that even our best modern tools can’t make something like them. It is thought that the Great Pyramid has about 2.3 million stone blocks that, depending on their size, weigh between 2 and 30 pounds each. People say that the base stones weigh about 50 tons. The base of the pyramid is almost 55,000 square meters, and each of its sides is more than 20,000 square meters.

Ka Ba Akh Ancient Egypt

Ka Statue: Ka Egypt
Egyptian Ka, Ba, and Akh represented different facets of the soul’s existence in the afterlife journey. The Ka needed sustenance to continue its existence in the tomb; the Ba was the aspect of the soul that could move freely and interact with the living; and the Akh was the ultimate goal of the soul’s transformation, leading to eternal life among the gods. Proper burial practices and funerary rituals were crucial to ensuring the well-being of these soul aspects and securing a favorable outcome in the afterlife for the deceased.