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World Heritage Poland

UNESCO world heritage sites Poland

UNESCO world heritage sites Poland. UNESCO sites in Poland, varied landscapes include ancient woodlands, medieval castles, incredible salt mines, Auschwitz Birkenau

Ibiza Spain

Ibiza Beach Photo

Ibiza Spain. The best activities in Ibiza appeal to superstars, nonconformists and boozy hikers who all plunge on this Balearic island off the southern bank of Spain

Speyer Germany

Speyer Germany Image

Speyer Cathedral in the southwest of Germany, a basilica with four pinnacles and two arches, was established as a level roof basilica by Konrad II in 1030, likely before long his magnificent crowning ordinance. It was reconstructed by Henry IV, following his compromise with the Pope in 1077, as the first and biggest reliably vaulted …

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Germany Heritage

Naumburg Cathedral

Unesco world heritage sites in Germany. Aachen Cathedral, Wartburg Castle, Cologne Cathedral, Classical Weimar, Völklingen Ironworks, Naumburg Cathedral, Speyer Cathedral, Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, Wadden Sea

Historical Spain

Burgos Cathedral

Historical Spain. Spain landmarks. UNESCO world heritage sites Spain. Spain facts. Historical sites in Spain. Heritage Spain. Historical places in Spain.