Mawlynnong Meghalaya

Mawlynnong Meghalaya is located in the East Khasi Hills of northeastern India. Mawlynnong village comes under the Pynursla community development block and legislative assembly (Vidhan Sabha) constituency. Mawlynnong Shillong is also known as “God’s Own Garden” and was named the cleanest village in Asia in 2003 and the cleanest in India in 2005 by Discover India magazine.

Mawlynnong Meghalaya

The village is about 90 km from Shillong and is known for being clean. It is a community-based ecotourism project. The whole village has worked together to keep it looking and feeling clean. On December 28, 2014, my friends and family and I came here for the Christmas holiday, and I was happy to take pictures of the beauty of nature.

Mawlynnong Village

The village has beautiful scenery, and you can hike to the living root bridge in the nearby village of Riwai. The village also has a strange natural phenomenon called a “natural balancing rock,” which is a boulder that is balanced on another rock.

The saying “neighbors envy, owners pride” applies to Mawlynnong, which is one of Asia’s cleanest villages, something that every Mawlynnong villager is proud of and something that other villagers envy. The village is pretty, especially during the monsoons when there is a lot of greenery and waterfalls that lead to small streams. There are also a lot of flowering orchids hanging from the trees and hedges, which adds to the beauty of the village.

Cleanest Village in India

Everyone who lives in the village has to do their part to keep it clean. People in the area are often seen cleaning the streets, picking up leaves, and getting rid of trash. Every corner of the village has a bamboo trash can, which shows that the people there care about keeping things clean.

Villagers have always kept their homes clean. It’s something they do every day. In 2003, the village was named the cleanest village in Asia, and in 2005, it was named the cleanest village in India. The village is on the border between India and Bangladesh, so it has a beautiful view of the plains of Bangladesh. Surprisingly, everyone in the village can read and write, and most of the people there can speak English.

There are several small tea shops in the village where you can enjoy a hot cup of tea and some snacks. Mawlynnong village has set an example for other villages to follow, and other villages need to do the same. India Beacons praises the villagers’ “spirit of cleanliness,” which they show by taking care of themselves.

Most Clean Village in Meghalaya

The Khasis are different from other tribes because Matrimonial Society says that Khasis people are thought to be descended from their mothers, not their fathers. This is what makes the Khasi Tribe different. Khasi law and tradition say that the children and property belong to the mother, not the father. Khasi law says that marriage is just a civil contract.

Men can get married between 18 and 35, while women can get married between 13 and 18. Arranged marriages do happen, but not in a way that most people like. Young men and women are free to choose who they want to marry. A woman can’t be forced to get married because she owns her kids and her property. A woman can leave her husband whenever she wants, and he can’t stop her. The family property is in the care of the youngest daughter.

Cleanest Village in Asia

Khasi’s life is full of music. They play drums, guitars, flutes, wooden pipes, and metal cymbals, among other instruments. They also like to dance. Khasis are kind and friendly. Every time they see their friends, they give them Kwai or betel nuts as a sign of friendship. Khasi men and women wear traditional bamboo hats while farming.

These hats have bright colors that match the lush greenery of the farms, making them look more like bugs than hats. Khasi men wear their traditional dress, called jymphong, which is a long, sleeveless dress with thongs in the front. They wear it most often at festivals. The women can wear colorful dresses with several pieces of clothing and a golden crown with spikes and feathers on it.

Living Root Bridge Mawlynnong

Khasi’s job is called “JHUM,” which means “shifting cultivation.” Their economy is based on farming. Khasis have skin that is brown to light yellow and has folds and aquiline noses. Also, they love to wear jewelry. On their heads, they have a silver or gold crown.

Men in Khasi culture wear big earrings. Women usually wear earrings that are round or oval. Gold and silver chains are worn around the waist by both men and women. Rice is the main food that the Khasis eat. They eat fish and meat in addition to rice.

Rice beer is their favorite drink for ceremonies. Khasi, which is an Austro-Asian language, is the language that Khasis speak. It belongs to the group of languages called Mon-Khmer. Nongkrem is the most important holiday for the Khasis. It is a religious holiday that lasts for five days and takes place every November.

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  1. Mawlynnong is a village in the East Khasi Hills district of the Meghalaya state in North East India. It is famous for its cleanliness and natural attraction.

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