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Society is a group of people who work hard to get along with each other. Culture refers to the social heritage of many different and unique cultures.

Christmas Village during the holiday season
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Christmas History

Christmas is a religious holiday observed on December 25. Cultural and commercial events occur worldwide. For 2,000 years, everyone has celebrated it.

Halloween Day
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When the Halloween

Halloween is an occasion praised every year on October 31st. The practice began with the antiquated Celtic celebration of Samhain, when individuals would light huge fires and wear outfits to avert phantoms.

Bengali Wedding: Bride Ashirwad Image D178
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Bengali Wedding

Bengali Hindu Wedding: AaiBudoBhaat, DodhiMangal, Adhibas, Tatva (তত্ত্ব), BorBoron, SaatPaak, MalaBadal, SubhoDrishti, Sampradan, SaptaPadi, SindoorDaan

Glamour Shots
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Modeling Portfolio

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Durga Puja Image
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Durga Puja Kolkata

Durga Puja Pandals, built for annual Durga Puja festivals, i.e., Durga Puja Kolkata, were added to the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list from 2021 onwards.