Pahalgam Kashmir

Pahalgam is a hill station in the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The Amarnath Cave Temple is a holy place for Hindus and is where the Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage takes place every year. There are paths through the mountains that lead to the temple from the northeast. The Overa Aru Wildlife Sanctuary is home to animals like brown bears and musk deer. In the northeast, the beautiful Betaab Valley is where the Lidder River flows.

Pahalgam Kashmir, includes:

Pahalgam Kashmir

In the southeast, Tulian Lake, which often freezes over, is surrounded by mountain peaks. From Srinagar, the best places to visit in Kashmir are Pahalgam, the Betaab Valley, the Aru Valley, and the Lidder River. People go to these places for holidays, summer vacations, and the Amarnath Yatra.Visiting natural areas helps protect the environment and makes life better for the people who live there.

It is a type of tourism based on the area’s natural beauty. Some examples include watching birds, taking pictures, looking at the stars, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and going to parks. Hill stations like Pahalgam are popular tourist destinations in Kashmir. 45 kilometres away from Anantnag is the town of Pahalgam, which is 7200 feet above sea level.

It’s right next to the Lidder River. Kolahoi Glacier is a glacier that hangs down. It is right below Kolahoi Peak in the Lidder Valley. It is at least 35 kilometres long and can be reached from Pahalgam via Aru. Since 1985, the glacier has shrunk by half. Because it is hollow and has cracks 200 feet deep, it is no longer safe to study.

There are many different kinds of plants in the area, but over 90% of the forest cover is made up of conifers. There are a lot of rare, threatened, or protected species. The main animals are the hangul, musk deer, serow, brown bear, leopard, rhesus macaque, grey langur, Himalayan mouse hare, etc. People who live there are always on the lookout for wild bears because they still live in many parts of the area.

Pahalgam Betaab Valley

A valley called Betaab Valley is 15 km from Pahalgam. The Bollywood movie Betaab, which was filmed there, gave the valley its name. Since it is always possible for people to cross the border without permission, the Indian army is always patrolling the area and is always on high alert. Bears haven’t been hunted to extinction because the people who live there can’t carry guns.

They have plenty to eat because there are fresh trout in the rivers and farm animals close by. In the area, there are also monkeys. There are a lot of pheasants, upland birds, and other species that live in or pass through the area. Many different kinds of birds are common, like the griffon vulture, monal, snowcock, koklas, blue rock pigeon, Kashmir roller, European hoop, jungle crow, and so on. In the Anantnag district, Pahalgam is the capital of one of the five tehsils.

It also has something to do with the Amarnath Yatra, which takes place every year. The Amarnath Yatra starts in Chandanwari, which is 16 kilometres from Pahalgam. Every year, this event takes place in July and August. The town of Pahalgam is run by the Pahalgam Development Authority. A Chief Executive Officer runs it and is also in charge of the local town area committee.

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