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World history searches for normal examples that arise across all societies. It is not to be mistaken for relative history, which, similar to world history, manages the historical backdrop of various societies and countries, yet doesn’t do as such on a worldwide scale.

Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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North America

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Christ the Redeemer
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South American Heritage

UNESCO world heritage sites south America. South American heritage. Historical sites in south America. Historic sites in south America.

Potala Palace Image
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Famous landmarks in Asia

Top 10 unesco world heritage sites in Asia. Famous landmarks in asia. Heritage Asia. Unesco world heritage site in southeast asia. Asia world heritage sites.

Botswana Lions
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Heritage in Africa

Heritage in Africa. UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa. Historical Sites in Africa. African Historical Sites. Africa UNESCO Sites. Heritage of Africa.

Acropolis, Greece
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Famous European Landmarks

Top 10 UNESCO world heritage sites in Europe. Famous European landmarks. UNESCO sites in Europe. Best UNESCO world heritage sites Europe. European monuments.

Al-Khazneh of Petra Jordan World Heritage Site
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World Heritage Sites

Top 10 Most Historical Places in the World. UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Historical Monuments of World with names. Most visited Historical Sites.