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Poverty Point Louisiana

Poverty Point Louisiana
Poverty Point State Historic Site, located in northeastern Louisiana, holds a unique place in American archaeology. This prehistoric earthwork was constructed by the ancient culture, which extended its influence across the Southeastern Woodlands of the Southern United States and covered a vast territory, spanning 100 miles across the Mississippi Delta and south to the Gulf Coast. The centerpiece of Poverty Point comprises a series of earthen ridges, mounds, and a central plaza, forming a unique geometric design that became apparent through aerial photographs. The six concentric C-shaped ridges, separated by swales, are distinct from Poverty Point. Although the ridges' height and width have been affected by centuries of plowing, archaeologists believe they were once taller and more massive. Radiocarbon dating suggests the ridges were constructed between 1600 and 1300 BCE. The central plaza, encompassed by the innermost ridge, has been significantly modified, with evidence of wooden posts hinting at their integral role in the site. Here's a brief overview of Poverty Point:

Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave Frozen Niagara
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